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Let's learn how to Dance

When you dance, you get in touch with yourself.
You not only move your body and learn some steps; you gain self-awareness and get familiar with your hands and your legs. Your body houses your brain and your soul, do not neglect it!

Dancing is a great tool to learn how to control your body and to improve your coordination with rhythm. It allows you to have a better posture, better muscle tone, and better body lines. More importantly, dancing will give you better balance. You look more confident with yourself and attractive, of course!

Partner dancing will add the benefit of leading and following technique – the communication without words.
You learn to be sensible and to treat each other right in a comfortable and considerate manner. If we can be more aware of ourselves, our partner and surrounding we enrich each other’s life with joy!

Your Dance Master,

Have you ever wondered why we need to dance ? Here is why...

I first went to Herman for social dance as part of a better fun exercise routine. Three years on, I see myself strengthened physically with better body co-ordination, balance, poise and above all, acquiring social etiquette. Herman choreographed many interesting dance routines.  Unlike other solo dance, the next move in partner dance is spontaneous and full of surprises, and that's what kept me interested.

CC, Professional
I planned to take a view lessons with the goal to be able to join any party and ball dance. Discovering the world of dance at Herman Lam Dance studio completely changed my point of view: dancing became my core hobby and passion. I not only learn a lot about myself, it improves my body awareness, coordination and posture. The joy of partner dancing gives me an energy recharging life balance.

UW, Head of Design Asia